Saturday, 9 October 2010

** naked without false lashes!

These days I absolutely have to wear false lashes on any night out I go on. It's become an addiction, and I think its something that when you start doing, you just cant stop, I feel naked without them, and hate the way I look on photos without them on!
At the moment I use Naturalash by Salon System. When I want the more natural look I use number 116, and numbers 101 or 107 for the more dramatic look. 

I find these lashes to be more than adequate in quality, and I do sometimes think about going for some more expensive ones (these cost around £3.50), but then realise I really don't need to. 
I would say you could get a good 5 wears out of each set, maybe even more if you look after them and remove all the glue after each wear.

In this photo I'm wearing 116, I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding and these were perfect for the occasion.

In this photo I'm wearing 101, perfect for a night out I think, giving thick full lashes.

What lashes do you use? Do you feel naked on a night out without yours?


  1. I'm exactly the same hun, i dont feel dressed up without lashes on either. xx

  2. I love fake eyelashes but I am the worst at putting them on. I had a boyfriend once who was great at putting them on for me... I never should have broken up with him! Haha.

  3. Very pretty love your bridesmaid look :) x

  4. you should do a tutorial for how to apply falsies! I'm so clueless and scared to try them haha

  5. @nicoletta its sad isnt it lol, but I just dont feel right!

    @Rosie, lol, what a useful (ex)boyfriend! My boyf wouldnt have a clue, I'd probably end up with them on my forehead somewhere!!xx

    @emma thanks! I felt ill that morning as I had to do my hair, and the other bridesmaids hair, and the brides hair, Im not even a hairdresser!!

    @caro I literally put them on with my fingers, I dont use tweasers or anything, maybe just have a practive when you're not going anywhere, and you will probably become a master at it! xx

  6. Those ones look amazing!! I use the Ardel 117 the most as they have a flexible band so they fit my eye shape really well!


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