Tuesday, 19 October 2010

** faux fur or faux pas?

Hi dweebs! 
I went down to my local TK Maxx on Sunday, and went a tiny bit faux fur mental. I bought a faux fur coat from eBay last winter, and although I liked it, it was vintage and a little bit, as my mum says, "chewed", do you know what I mean??

I headed straight for the coat section, and left big old bean to wander off looking at the gadgets, and I came across these two beauties!!!



I really couldn't decide which one to get, so I got both. So being called Pat Butcher by my smallest brother shall continue for at least a few years to come, but hey, I don't care because I love throwing on a pimp coat, they are so warm and cosy! I just love winter coats, and I was hoping to get one that resembles a sleeping bag with a ginormous hood, but the hunt for that continues, maybe I could get one like this..do you think I could pull it off?? :D

What do you think about faux fur coats?  Will you be investing this winter? Do you have a super warm cosy coat?


  1. I love faux fur jackets (especially the two you've just picked up - TK Maxx is seriously underrated!). I have about 6 now and would love to buy some more :') they're really snug and glam! xxx

  2. Hey,

    I found your blog on Rachel, Glimmer and Glow's blog. I don't think I'd ever be able to pull off a fur jacket, but it looks great on you!

    PS. I so wish they would make a jacket out of blankets and call it high fashion :)

  3. @emma, I know right? I think you have to go in at the right time, maybe on delivery day, or the day after? They had fur coats last winter, but nothing like these two, and I did have to get size 12 in both, as there were no smaller ones left, but just had to have them!

    @vida, you could totally pull off a faux fur! You just have to put it on, and own it! Be confident!

  4. Love the two fur coats especially the first one.

  5. I love these... especially the first one..
    The end bit made me laugh too - You can Deffo can rock it :P.


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