Tuesday, 12 October 2010

** bargain topshop clogs ** we love hello kitty

These little beauties were purchased about 2 months ago now from Topshop online, and they were in the sale for £35!! Reduced from £70!! Sometimes I think Topshop bring stuff out that people don't go for at first, so they stick it in the sale, only to then bring out something pretty much exactly the same the next season. The same thing happened with a pair of pleather (plastic leather) trousers I got from Topshop, they were £10 in the sale about 2 years ago (if not longer) and they are still bringing new ones out each season at full price. I guess when I bought them maybe the world just wasn't ready for them yet hehe! Sooo, here are the clogs, they aren't the easiest things to walk in, but I do love them and think they look totes fab!

M&S, among other high street stores (John Lewis, H&M and even Tesco) have some really cute Hello Kitty beauty items/accessories in store at the moment, and I picked up this little tin of lip balm for £2.00. 

It's what I would say as rasberry flavoured and is quite thick in consistency. Its described on the back of the tin as "a fabulously fruity lip balm that will leave your lips super soft and sweet". 

Although its not the most of moisturising of lip balms, it does do the job and lets face it, I only bought it for the tin anyway, being a total sucker for anything Hello Kitty. Im glad to see it becoming more widely available.

Have you found any fab bargains lately?


  1. wowwww, those clogs are a bargain!!! should definitely check out the sale section more :) Xxx

  2. awesome clogs great buy !!!
    New follower !!!
    hope you can follow too !!

  3. @ emily, I know right? Most of the time I'm pretty disappointed with topshops online sale,as most of it seems to be sold out! I think you've just got to get on at the right time! Xx

    @curves ahead, thanks for following,of course I will follow you! Xx


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