Tuesday, 7 September 2010

** opi rumples wiggin ** ebay panic

I'm rather enjoying the lilac nail polish trend, and thought I'd post about Rumple's Wiggin by OPI from the Shrek range.
I'd say it was more of a blue tone lilac, but I really love it! And for an opaque colour it seems to be dry to touch pretty quickly (even though I painted them, got into bed, and got pyjama imprint on one of my nails, don't you hate it when you get bed nails??)
So here are two pictures my nails (apologies for the stumpiness of them, they just don't seem to grow very long!)

With flash
Rumples Wiggin with flash

 Daylight without flash

Rumples Wiggin daylight/no flash

In other news, I suffered from a slight bout of eBay panic last night, and as of tonight I will be the proud owner of......a treadmill! I do plan on using it everyday, and I'm thinking of it as an investment!? So I'll be gettign my walk/trot on and hoping to lose a smidgen of the old lard that seems to be clinging around my derrier and hips, and arms, and just about everywhere else apart from my shins!! Treadmill ahoy!


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