Monday, 6 September 2010

** kompletely kardashian krazy

Around the beginning of this year I started watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", and that was it.....



I love Kim Kardashian's style, she always looks selfishly hot (even if she does has a stylist!) and her make up is always immaculate (even though I do wonder if a make-up artist has done it most of the time!) I think Khloe is hilarious, and I just love to watch it, as for me (I don't know about anyone else), its a strange form of escapism! I always try to look/listen out for products or brands that they buy on the show, and have a little look-see for any of them online.

The one thing I would really like (ok, need!) is the clear make up drawers that all the Kardashian girls seem to have. After a little searching, I found these on,


But at $275 plus heaven knows how much shipping, I think I should keep on dreaming......



  1. OMG, I've done a whole post on the ClearCube that is ready to go up as soon as I get my version of it e.g. Muji! I've even put it on my wishlist on my blog - I contemplated buying it for $300 but the P&P is like $150 and by the time you get drawer inserts etc it came to over $500 dollars, which is crazy for a bit of perspex! Do you think you'll get it? x

  2. BTW LOVE the Kardashians too! Kourt's my favourite! x

  3. I doubt I'll get it, cant justify all that money for a plastic box! I have had a look at the muji ones, I just dont have any space to actually put somthing like that in my room at the moment, it makes me sad! xxx


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