Thursday, 16 September 2010

** fyrinnae swatches

Here are the swatches of the shadows that I ordered from Fyrinnae. I only ordered sample sizes ($2 each,Fyrinnae label them as mini), and I must say that they are pretty generous samples, and will probably last me a while anyway, heaven knows how much you get in the full size shadows!! They came wrapped in a really cute skull wrapping paper (I have a small thing going on for anything with skulls on!?)

I got 11 "mini" colours, and they also included a sample of Arcane Magic - Faerie Glamour. I also ordered samples of Pixie Epoxy ($1.50) and their Velvet Gel Silica Primer - Dry Skin ($1.50).

The three colours I'm definitely liking the best are Fyre & Ice, Immortality and Dragon Magic, the intensity of these colours are WOW (especially when put over Pixie Epoxy!)

 L to R:  Snow Leopard, Beholder, Cookie Dough, Polar Bear
(Applied with a brush)

L to R: Arcane Magic - Faerie Glamour, Arcane Magic - Warrior Mage, Arcane Magic - Dragon Magic, Kuroneko
 (Applied with fingers)

 L to R: Bastet, Medieval Haunting, Fyre & Ice, Immortatlity 
(Applied with fingers)


I then put a little of the Pixie Epoxy over my skin and swatched a few of the colours again. As stated by Fyrinnae, 'this unique "glue" is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place, minimize "fallout".'

With flash

Without flash 

L to R: Dragon Magic, Warrior Mage, Bastet, Fyre & Ice, Immortality
(Applied with fingers)

I must say that the Pixie Epoxy really made a difference, it made the glitter stick to my skin a lot more than without it (the glitter just seemed to drop off without it just leaving the colour underneath) It made them super sparkly! I would definitely recommend applying with a finger rather than a brush, in a sort of pressing action as this helps the glitter to stick.

I did apply some pixie epoxy to my lids, and applied cookie dough and medieval haunting, and it didn't come out too well. The colours sort of came out a bit streaked, and the glitter that is in medieval haunting, just disappeared, but maybe this was something to with the amount of pixie expoy I applied?? Maybe too much?? It just seemed to stick sooo much in some place and not in others, but I will keep trying with it.

I'm yet to try any of the sparkly ones on my eyes, but I hope they come out as well over the pixie epoxy as they did on my arm, I think they look fab!!

As for the velvet gel silica primer, the first thing I noticed was... the smell!! Now this may sound a bit strange, but to me, it just smelled like dried spit, OK I know,  this is a bit gross, but that is what I think it smells like! 

Fyrinnae describes this as "Contains NO silicones! Similar to the original Gel Primer, this one is geared toward dry skin, while still keeping excess oil and sweat at bay. This primer creates a smooth velvety finish, blurring fine lines (not made to "erase" pores, though) and allows any type of foundation to be applied more evenly. The aloe is pure, not a commercial variety with alcohol and colourants."

Nevertheless, I gave it a go, and applied a small amount all over my face prior to applying my foundation. It didn't have the velvety texture I was expecting that some other primers have. Its like a slippery gel and once applied, it dried instantly,and had a sort of tightening effect. I wasn't too sure whether it made much of a difference to how my make up appeared, but I will keep at it, and try to note any difference I think it makes!



  1. these pigments are sick! Loove the darker olive one

  2. They're amazing over the pixie epoxy arent they? I sadly haven't had much chance to wear most of them yet, dont want to scare everyone at uni!!


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