Tuesday, 2 November 2010

** elf haul

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd share some photos and thoughts on the stuff I ordered from elf last week.

Studio Warm Bronzer
Studio Blush - Pink Passion

Nail Polish - Innocent
All Over Colour Stick - Pink Lemonade


Studio Blush Brush
(I put a 50p in to show the size of the brushes!)

L to R:
Studio Eyeshadow C Brush
Studio Small Precision Brush
Studio Small Smudge Brush

I think my favourite things have to be the brushes!

Blush Brush: This is the perfect size for me, really good for contouring blush as it is quite flat and you can really get under/on your cheekbone depending on the look you want to achieve. Very soft too!

Eyeshadow C Brush: Great for working and blending colours in, love this brush!

Small Precision Brush: Fantastic for applying shadow when you want "precision" e.g. in the socket line, or outer corners.

Small Smudge Brush: I have been using this with my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, and it works pretty well, not at all scratchy.

As for the cosmetics....

Studio Blush Pink Passion: I love this colour, it pretty much applies as it looks in the pan! You could achieve a subtle look, but you really would have to pick up a very small on your brush to achieve this. I love bright blush anyway, but if you prefer the more natural look, I wouldn't recommend this particular colour. The texture is OK, not too amazingly soft, feels a little chalky, but for £3.50 I cant really complain!
Here is a piccie of what the blush looks like on when I went out in Liverpool on Saturday. (Sorry for the weird expression, I don't know what I was doing!?)

What do you guys think?

Nail Polish Innocent: I had to apply about 3-4 coats to get a good solid colour, it applies very streaky and quite wishy washy, I would describe this as a dirty nude, and wouldn't particularly recommend, or try any of the other colours. (Plus the bottle had leaked and I had to run under hot tap for ages to get it off!!)

I haven't had chance to use the bronzer yet, as I'm trying to use up the Rimmel one I have, so I will probably post on this in the future. I also haven't had much chance to use the colour stick either, although it smells fab!! Its not that soft or easy to apply, but I will keep trying with it.

Have you ever bought anything from elf? What are your faves and maybe not so faves? Would love to hear what you guys have tried!


  1. I love D&G No 3 as well. It is a bit girly for me so I don't wear it much but it's still cute:) I have to be in a certain mood to wear it. My fav is La Lune. I wear that quite a lot.
    I think elf is pretty damn cool. So cheap and still good quality!
    I put a link to your blog on mine in my list of favourites:D

    Love Freya

  2. the blush looks great on you! Love the colour!

  3. ..you look gorgeous ..and I love that nail polish - such a great shade ..

    following too : )

  4. You're so pretty! Lovely blog sweetie x

    x x x

  5. U look hot! I love their blushs, even those at 1.50 are really pigmented and super easy to blend - but there is some fall out. The bronzer is my fave product, so hope u like it too, I'm wearing it now as I went out for an early dinner - it's prob a bit much for daytime unless your light-handed. I think I will defo get some eye brushes as you're not the first to say how good they are, so they must be!
    I also like the Studio Shimmer Palette, they're very creamy and wearable and would advise you to avoid the all over cover sticks, different to the color sticks, they're meant to be like foundation but are so hard to blend xoxox


  6. The blush looks really good on you! great for going out. I have the warm bronzer also and I love it!

  7. When I put in my order I got the same bronzer and the same blush!


  8. Thanks for all your comments peeps!
    I love reading them all!
    You're such a friendly bunch xxx

  9. Hiya Small Old Bean, been meaning to ask what was the all over color stick like? xoxox

  10. Hey Chloe, its not great to be honest, I wouldn't buy another one. Its quite hard to blend,and needs warming up! A bit pants,but smells nice!!


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