Sunday, 7 November 2010

** oops, I went shopping.....

Me + Shopping by myself = Lots of things bought!

I am lethal when I go shopping by myself, which may be a bit weird as normally people say they buy more things when they go shopping with other people because they encourage them to buy.

So anyhoo.....In this first photo is this really cute little dress and necklace from Miss Selfridge (although I probably wont wear them together, cutesy overload!?) The dress was process at £39, but had a £20 off sticker on the hanger AND I got 10% NUS discount off, so it was £17.10!? Can you believe it, I think if it was marked as half price or 50% off, more people would have been buying it, I just found it in the corner actually on my way out of the shop!
The necklace was in the sale and marked at £3.

 Dress and necklace both Miss Selfridge

Next was H&M, which I am loving at the moment! I got the bunny t-shirt because Big Old Bean had pointed it out to me and said he liked it, so that was the only reason why I bought it really! The black T-shirt is just a plain over sized T shirt to go with this great little skirt I found, I think it must be new in because I hadn't seen it last time I was in there, and they had it in red and white too.
T-shirts £7.99 (bunny) £4.99 (black) and skirt £14.99 all from H&M

 I also picked up this L'oreal Lipgloss from Boots, it was on offer for £4.99 instead of £6.99, and thought it looked great on the advert with Cheryl Cole. I was going to get the colour she wears, but wanted something more pink so I went for this one instead, Sheer Pitaya (is Pitaya a fruit? I must investigate!?)
I love this gloss and would definitely buy more as I am seriously lacking in glittering lip glosses! The great thing about this is that you can layer it for a brighter more vibrant look.

So a pitaya, also known as a dragon fruit! Pretty good colour match I recon! Yummy!


  1. the dress is way cute, nice finds! :)

  2. aww how cute is that bunny t-shirt? great haul :)

  3. I had dragon fruit when I was in Thailand. I didn't like it much.
    Loving the cute pink dress! It will suit you to a tee:D


  4. I think I may have had it before, is it quite sour??
    Thanks for all your comments, I love reading them all!

  5. Oh Lord, we've got another repeat :o) I have the black and white heart skirt too! Great deal on the MS dress - you'll look really cute in the bunny tee xoxox

  6. i like that dress from miss selfridge! i checked out the sale and picked up a couple of things too :)

  7. love the outfits especially the one you got from Miss Selfridge. The lip gloss looks pretty too. :) I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a wonderful blog.

  8. got the same skirt in red-black. amazing, one of my favourite clothing items at the moment:)


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