Friday, 5 November 2010

** new benefit bella bamba

So word on the beauty street is that Benefit will be bringing out this new boxed face powder early next year.

 Its called Bella Bamba and is being described as a 3D face powder/blusher that can be applied to the cheeks as well as all over your face.
I cant wait to see this in real life, and as the name suggests Im thinking it will be very shimmery and 3 dimensional!
It will be priced at £23.50 like their other boxed powders and the lid contains a little mirror.

Do you think you will be picking up this new product? What are your feeling on other Benefit blush boxes?


  1. Hey gorgeous. I was going to go to Vegas as well. It was all planned and then I decided I wanted a proper wedding with the dress, the cake etc. It's so worth it. The planning isn't hard and I love it! I thought I would hate all the planning but it's great:)


  2. thanks for the great post! I really love Benefit's hoola, but i hate the packaging! i just can't get into the boxes!

  3. looks really lovely and i know i'd be tempted to buy it just because of the lovely packaging. Thats got to be one of my favourite things about the benefit products =)

  4. oh benefits! Dont you just love all their products! And packaging too!
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  5. I was a bit disappointed by sugarbomb so i dont know what i think about their newest releases. Im not such a big coralista fan either.. the only thing blush box wise they really impressed me with was hoola!! xx

  6. i work at the benefit counter at macys in california , we already have them for sale and i bought it today. its gorgeous !!!! i personally have all the boxed powders and i think this may be my new fav!!! the best updated part about it is the brush !!! its rounded at the end instead of square like the others so its goes on perfectly ( i dont usually use the other brushes in the boxes i just use my own brush ) the color is soooo sexy !!! omg im obsessed !! oh and the box isnt as tacky in real life. it looks like a barbie toy almost lol i love it :)


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